At Ric-Man, we have cultivated a philosophy that promotes an environment free of accidents and injuries. We are dedicated to provide a high level of safety in the construction industry which includes partnering with the insurance industry through training, education and guidance.  

In our Industry, safety is measured by an “Experience Modification Rate” (EMR), it is the industry standard the calculation of workers compensation rates. This standard measures a particular company's occurrence and gravity of accidents and injuries. The industry average is 1.0. Ric-Man’s modifier has consistently been below this average. We are dedicated to providing a safe working environment for our employees, our clients and the general public, with our weekly tool box safety meetings, quarterly supervisors continuing safety classes, and our company wide safety classes three times a year.

We are prepared to provide our employees with the tools, expertise, and means to reduce risks throughout or worksites.

Copies of our safety program are available upon request.


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